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Medical Innovation Company, US

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The company is dedicated to elevating and redefining the standard of care for obstructive sleep apnea. They believe in building strong relationships with doctors and health care professionals so that they can directly support and advocate for the lives of patients as they take on this challenging condition.

The Requirement

Medical Innovation Company started looking for a new system with the motive of making it easy for staff to log a ticket, easy for us to manage the tickets, and easy to get the information out for reporting. Needed to have the Service Desk mailbox automatically monitored by the system and generate an automatic ticket in the application. Built-in Reporting and surveys were one of the main key aspects they had in their requirement list.

Business Solution

The simplest improvement was the automatic email monitoring. This effectively gave a member of staff back. As such, the average resolution time went down. So, on average, across all tickets and customers, completing tickets became quicker. Implementing surveys fulfilled another milestone. while satisfaction/dissatisfaction rating provided it’s a true figure, something on which team can work with and has become the most important internal KPI.

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