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Leading Infrastructure and Business Services Company, UK

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The company specializes in consulting, engineering, and IT infrastructure consulting, as well as IT and enterprise service management solutions.

Each department in every location used different tools, creating a siloed approach to IT. With ADiTaaS, all information is now available at a glance, from one platform, providing a fully coordinated IT system.

Business Solution

Leading infrastructure and business services company embarked on a transformational customer service project with the primary objective to boost the speed and quality of support offered to customers. Changing perceptions of the support department internally was also a priority.

A platform was required for the company to drive a new “customer service engine,” with speed, usability, and performance as the key criteria. ADiTaaS was the obvious choice, with the ability to deliver an intuitive self-service portal for users, with all support staff, data, and systems fully integrated on the same platform.

IT services are now tightly, and transparently aligned with business priorities and also stress the importance of visibility, particularly alignment with business priorities. “We’re much more transparent. Our customers can see exactly what we’re doing, what we’re working on, how we’ve allocated our resources, and how much effort each activity takes. That makes it much easier to have meaningful, productive discussions with our business stakeholders."


The company originally brought in ADiTaaS ESM to replace its legacy IT helpdesk and then rapidly expanded the solution to all of its service management needs, including incident, change, and configuration management. It also launched a ADiTaaS service Catalog where employees enter and track service requests, reducing status inquiry calls by more than 50%.

By choosing ADiTaaS, the company transformed its entire IT organization, not just IT service management. “ADiTaaS isn’t a point product-it’s an end-to-end platform. We wanted to leverage that platform beyond ITSM, and Service Catalog and Project Portfolio Management was a perfect place to start. We saved money by retiring our existing ITSM Tools and Project management and time-tracking tool. And ADiTaaS was easier to use.”

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