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Leading Construction and Infrastructure Services Company, UK

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The Company is a construction, services, and property group active in building and civil engineering, support services, public and private housebuilding, land development, and the Private Finance Initiative Outsourced data center to a large, inflexible service provider.

The Company was held back by a legacy IT service management system that required manual management of certain processes IT wanted to automate, like password resets.

They had an urgent need to modernize their help desk with an ITSM solution that came ITIL‑ready. ADiTaaS was the answer. In less than two months, they went live with incident and asset management.

Business Solution

The implementation was particularly successful. Just two months after the start of the implementation, the first incident was reported via ADiTaaS, Since then, the system has been permanently available. In the following phases, we set up asset management, developed knowledge management, and fleshed out the management of contracts and certificates. The implementation of change management and problem management followed. ADiTaaS was also made available to the Contact Center, which deals with requests from citizens via web forms, email, and telephone.

ADiTaaS improves HR service delivery with automated workflows and clearly defined tasks.

The onboarding of new staff is a great example because several departments are involved. When a request for the onboarding of a new member of staff goes to ADiTaaS, tasks are also automatically prepared for the IT department-such as issuing login IDs, preparing a network connection, preparing an access badge, and informing the account manager of the department.


ADiTaaS implementation focused entirely on IT. “First of all, we wanted to structure incident reporting, request submission, carrying out processes from the service desk, and configuration management. In the old system, that was still fairly chaotic,” says the company’s IT Manager.

For the implementation, 5 key members of the IT department shut themselves in a room and meticulously charted the existing process flow and activities of upwards of a hundred IT services. Then they automated these processes with the help of the ADiTaaS Platform.

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