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Leading Biomedical Research Center, UK

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The company has been established with a grant from NIHR to provide services to biomedical and clinical researchers in the most cost-effective way possible.


Like many enterprises, the customer used entirely‑stored spreadsheets to manage various business processes. While a capable tool for personal work, spreadsheets prove cumbersome for group involvement. Once loaded with information, it becomes difficult to locate exactly what a person needs to know or see. Despite hosting in centralized repositories, such as SharePoint, version control quickly becomes an issue, and without automated workflow, it is difficult to ensure that information and requests get to the right people at the right time. The customer saw a great opportunity to change the way work gets done, not only inside IT but also in various departments.

Business Solutions

The customer selected ADiTaaS as its single system of record for IT knowing early on this would be part of a larger vision to automate work processes across other parts of the organization. Soon after implementation, the team created several custom applications using the ADiTaaS platform to automate request management and fulfillment in groups such as the Operations Center, PMO, HR, and Recruiting. Besides greater efficiency and faster service, ADiTaaS brought full visibility into the work requested and greater understanding of causes, needs and other trends. ADiTaaS also enabled the scalability and mobility the company required for growth.

Employee Onboarding

Customer recently started automating their employee onboarding process by integrating with the Open Hire software the HR team and hiring managers use for staffing. The custom Employee Onboarding app sets off a process to provide for the IT needs of a new employee once a requisition is marked as hired. HR, hiring departments and IT all benefit from the streamlined, automated process. Without having to necessitate a last minute fire drill, computers can be procured and provisioned appropriately, the new person added to Active Directory and email enabled with proper access to distribution lists and share drives.

  • HR, has saved 300 hours per year due to service automation.

  • Time savings for IT is in excess of 1,000 hours per year.

  • 90% of all new employees receive all hardware and access their first day at Customer.

Besides the impressive results in productivity, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, Customer has seen other significant impact due to its use of ADiTaaS.

“The two facilities engineers are now resolving, on average, over 100 tickets per month. Prior to ADiTaaS they were resolving around 40 per month.”

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