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Global IT Service Management Company, US

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The Company is into designing, implementing, and managing digital platforms that enable digital transformation for businesses. It specializes in cloud, security, infrastructure modernization, and workforce transformation.

The Requirement

The company chose ADiTaaS as its central IT Service Management (ITSM) solution for the consolidated service provision in order to improve its cost structure and enhance the IT services offered. The integration of ADiTaaS into the existing application environment was paramount, especially the interface to ServiceNow a rule-based event management application that integrates system, network, database, and application management.

Business Solution

The integration of ADiTaaS and ServiceNow was achieved within a short timeline and instantly created a seamless bi-directional event management system. The interface eliminates duplication of effort through the automatic link of technical (e.g. Asset ID of the configuration item) and organizational references (e.g. departmental ownership of the configuration item) and allows for efficient workflows and documentation for any infrastructure event.

The Interface: An event in the IT infrastructure is either logged by an end-user or generated in ServiceNow. The API adds further organizational details and imports this record into ADiTaaS where an incident is raised and assigned to the appropriate Support Team. In On resolution of the issue, the Support Teams close the incident in ADiTaaS. This automatically triggers a notification which is posted back by the ADiTaaS with the required details. This in turn automatically closes the ServiceNow ticket and updates the ServiceNow records.

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