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Civic Center, UK

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The customer is the local authority in Greater Manchester, England. Provides the majority of local government services.

Business Solution

  • “The look and feel of the customer/citizen portal were very important to us and the ADiTaaS platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use”. “With ADiTaaS there is no legacy. The platform is a cloud solution that is built to underpin and integrate all the workflows in our customer service operation.”

  • Using ADiTaaS, Civic Center created a central destination for any member of staff to instantly access a wide range of organisation-wide services, including HR, finance, and IT support.

  • ADiTaaS provides complete visibility for informed decision making and a high-quality service experience - Civic Center is now delivering a consistent, high-quality support experience to all employees and citizens, powered by a citizen/customer service portal, and an integrated knowledge base and intelligent incident management workflows.

  • Average support response time has reduced from four hours to 55 minutes, with the customer satisfaction score increasing by 11% in just four months. Complete transparency and visibility of customer interactions are driving satisfaction for consultants and facilitating informed business decision-making.

  • “Support consultants have complete visibility of cases and incidents as separate tickets and this total transparency means they are able to prioritise. They can also see which cases are approaching a resolution deadline as set out by our SLAs,” 

  • “Visibility is key for our managers too. They have access to real-time data right across the customer support journey and can share metrics and progress against KPIs with all support consultants. Importantly, we can make informed business decisions based on complete data.”

  • “The flexibility and agility of the ADiTaaS platform are driving our innovation beyond support to other services related to customers, helping us realise our vision of creating customer value beyond expectations”.

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