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ADiTaaS AI ChatBot software built for more human experiences

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From lead generation to support, conversational chatbots are key to better digital experiences for your customers.

ADiTaaS ChatBot Platform

Natural language processing

Carry smoother conversations with visitors. Our chatbot software uses NLP to recognize variations of customer questions.


Our bots collect the most asked questions so that you can answer them and design better user and customer experiences.


Mix and match bots

Choose between flow bots that lead users through sequences or conversational bots that use AI to respond in context.


Get more done

One little chat window, endless possibilities. Automate customer support, qualify leads, enable newsletter
signups, and more

Webhooks and triggers

Create a more personal customer experience with chatbots that respond
pulling name, order history, and other variables.

Real-time service

Reduce wait times with chatbots as your virtual assistants.

ADiTaaS ChatBot Features


A visual interface allowing you to design conversation flow and workflow automations.


Contextual FAQ/Q&A Functionality

Create, manage, and centrally access the most frequently asked questions the users may have.


Multiple Language Support

One-click implementation for 12 languages - including French, Portuguese, and Arabic. Support for 157 more languages.


Content Management System

Explicit separation of chatbot content from conversation flow, making that content easy to update.

Human in the Loop

Delegate a conversation to an agent when needed, while collecting analytics to improve future chatbot performance.



Multi-agent solution for small call center teams - real-time collaboration, and automatic hand-off to popular customer service solutions.



Dashboards and tools to give you a clear understanding of the user engagement and chatbot accuracy

IDE for Chatbot Dev

VS Code embedded in ADiTaaS Studio; option for others that are Javascript compliant.


With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

Texting on Cell Phone

No credit card needed

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